10 novembre 2017


Velvet is a timeless fabric that has embellished the wardrobe of kings and queens.

And after the boom of the 1990s, where it was the preferred choice of fashion addicted, he came back to the catwalk to get the podium of the season's most beloved trends. Not only because it is hot, but also and above all because it is eclectic and undoubtedly elegant.
Dress up your shoes and bags, wearing velvet does not go unnoticed.
First of all because velvet evokes wealth, precious luxury, opulence. And then because with brilliant and silky tones tells us a style story in every application. Whether you choose the velvet - on the straight with a shaved and very thick coat - or the curly - with small threaded rings protruding from the fabric - velvet always leaves the mark.

And no, it is not true that it is only good for the slim body: just choosing the good one to adapt to any physicality.

On the catwalk there were so many people to choose this fabric: N21 offers iconic footwear, ranging from the most sporty to sexy ones.
Jimmy Choo points on a bag of character that can make every look more personal and Paris Texas relaunches with really gritty ankle boots while Gucci does not want to go unnoticed and offer eye-catching sneakers with pearl applications. Giuseppe Zanotti and Saint Laurent choose the seduction of the heel as a minimum common denominator. Isabel Marant points on a light boot and Stella McCartney chooses a mini-bag with a very feminine and eye-catching coloration.

Do you want more?
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