A real incursion into the summertime, literally. A summer time that oscillates between Italy and England and lends itself well to delicious aperitif looks. Trench coats, overalls, Prince of Wales suits that inebriate and hit at first glance. But with combinations that dare: how can you not imagine these looks, for example, with white sneakers and bags with logo in sight?

For the man, then, a collection that oscillates between sportswear and the typical and rigorous British style. In this kaleidoscope of proposals, then, space to other items: oversized striped sweaters, Gingham shirts and other classically timeless details. And she? Feminine, definitely. With platform trainers, combined with complete blouses and trousers worked with laser and with decorations and microstamps. But also complete with lettering and ironic t-shirts with "Go Veggie" style lettering.

In general, an underlining of the profound relationship that binds the designer to our country, where many of her garments are made. The 35 male and female garments that have marched, therefore, are the clear proof of the balance that can be possible between tailoring and streetwear. Always with a special eye, of course, on sustainability. Also, for example, in eyewear collections made of materials of ethical origin such as bio acetate, which is obtained from renewable raw materials (bio acetate is made of fibers derived from seeds and wood, which is totally biodegradable and ecological).

A bewitching, beautiful collection. Definitely the star of the next season.