We imagined a return in style, with a total Valentino look. A color that ignited mind and heart and was in sharp contrast with the seascape.

Intense, iconic, exaggeratedly voluptuous. The perfect companion for an unplanned walk. A secret escape from obligations, from "I have" and a total elimination of every thought. The sound of the waves, the wind between hair and clothes, the intense light of the day.

A race, silent, and the noise of your heart as a soundtrack. Enveloping wave that crisps a little further on and the dress, a soft hug on him. A romantic style, a bit 'nomadic, a little' siren. A landing on the sand, a sunny day. Take off your heels, drive away your thoughts. Welcome the best part of you.

Model: Lorena Grisafi
Photographer: Simone Ruiz
Stylist: Alessandro Scifo
Hair/Make up concept: Giacomo Puglisi 
Brand: ValentinoValentino Garavani
Editorialist: Giuditta Avellina
Communication team: Industria01

It sounds good with – The sea – Morcheeba