Demna Gvasalia: "There is nothing more beautiful than seeing young dads with their children," he said. "This collection started with a lot of family images, we just asked our usual models if they had children." And so it was: three families walked down the catwalk: a tall blond boy, Christoffer, walked with his two daughters, Lucy and Alma, and his son, Severin, wearing a white shirt, a water-green jacket, a pair of jeans and a pair of brown leather shoes.

At this first family scene, Gvasalia followed a sort of sociological survey on businessmen and tried to bring his characters out of the comfort zone, taking him in the outdoors or in a city like Paris and making him wear comfortable and unlikely Hawaiian shirts, old look in 80s and 90s style, tailor-made and lopsided. A show accompanied by a particular soundtrack: not the sounds of nature that everyone would have expected, but all the power of techno music, and a very special cover of the song d and the Muse, "Unintended" composed by Loick, a musician from Gvasalia. "I'm busy repairing broken pieces of life I had before," says Balenciaga's designer, but even in his noise, even the cover is a kind of love song, meanwhile the designer's life has changed: he has transferred his home (and the headquarters of Vetements) in the beautiful city of Zurich and this change has allowed him to appreciate in a different way the surprisingly simple pleasures of life.

A new bag of Balenciaga, for example, is inspired by the plastic bags of liquor stores. A show that has left a lot in the audience: who has taken the messages like "Think big" or "Do not underestimate the power of dreams", who has perceived the message of hope for a better world, entrusted to the children who have marched on the catwalk.