And it is not just a matter of style and attitude, but also the will to convey an important message: the woman as a dominant, fighter, never tired before the revolution. That's why Miuccia Prada seems a warning to all the fashion addicted: continue in the wake of progress, advance, resume the struggle for rights and be militants, fighters, proud of their sexuality and femininity, every day.

Girls and normal women, who live in the contemporary, love to dress with elegance and refinement and are absolutely master of their time: fashion for Prada is not just a status. It is rather a way of being, of expressing oneself, of transmitting important messages through one's own look. For this reason, alongside pastel colors and feminine cuts, bags and must-have accessories, there are also comics, or rather women represented in comics. Artists of various ages and generations, with different passions: from Giuliana Maldini, "author of a book that illustrates the phrases about women called by famous men, phrases that - emphasizes the designer - make the skin crawl." But also Tarpé Mills with the his 'Miss Fury', the first superhero in the history of comics created by a woman.

That of Prada's spring summer 2018 is an image of the woman halfway between the madonna and the tomboy, the tomboy so dear to Miuccia Prada, a cute and aggressive personality and at the same time sweet: boldness and delicacy, a warning to advance, to be better, more determined and combative. A promise to themselves, to wear in everyday life. As we show in our selection of items discover them all!