A Salvatore Santoro leather jacket is enough to feel like this: light, carefree, devoid of any thought.

These are the classic and intense colors of the Ami Alexandre Mattiussi turtleneck combined with the soft tones of a trousers to make up the perfect complement to this day in which to feel good about yourself. And the right style helps to better express your mood, after all.

By adding a multicolor Roberto Collina scarf to refuse any attempt to end this condition of absolute lightness, intense completeness in itself. There is no one else today, other than the daily hero who has chosen to be or to impersonate.

And when it's evening to fall, what's better than continuing in this state of absolute freedom and feeling like a modern Don Draper in the TV series Mad Men?

A glass full of certainties, a room free from thoughts and conditionings and a Balenciaga coat: classic like the Neil Barrett turtleneck and Ami Alexandre Mattiussi trousers and perfectly in line with the event hypothesis.

Lonely until late at night, as intense as the playlist that will be the soundtrack to this absolutely male day, absolutely independent, absolutely inside your ego. Whether it's style and a good guitar solo to shoot for this ride. Sometimes, there's no need to be a couple to dance.

Sometimes it is enough to leave the world outside and feel magnificently in the company of oneself.



Model: Vincenzo Orifici
Photographer: Simone Ruiz
Stylist: Alessandro Scifo
Brand: Balenciaga, Tonello, Neil Barrett, Ami Alexandre Mattiussi, Givenchy, Santoro, Zegna, Roberto Collina, Department Five, Brian DalesGucci
Location: Papini Studio
Editorialist: Giuditta Avellina
Communication team: Industria01 

It sounds good with: Nobody But You – Charles Bradley