A history of expectations, in which the young protagonists, a bit 'fairies, a little' horror twins feel the time flowing into the room, inside a beat. The sets of Valentino and Marco De Vincenzo recall the hanging gardens of Japan or the fields full of flowers and colors of Holland, an opulent spring basket of an Eastern countryside.

Gipsy inspirations and vibrant colors load with light and intensity, put her with long dress and pull with pleated maxy skirt of Red Valentino, the electric blue lights adrenalically the look and gives it a burst of energy, vigor, character.

Almost like two handmaids, then, the contemporary fairies, decide to change the environment and let themselves be sprayed by a melancholy disquiet: the past a few steps, the future a little further.

Around the suspended and overpowering expectation of a new rendezvous to prepare and face: long dress or androgyno option, it does not matter.

It is rather to be lulled by an obsessive, oneirically repetitive, magically mysterious wait.

Who speaks of arcane things, of forbidden and silent games: the love for what is hidden, the restlessness inside, like a new born.


Model: Nicol Angelozzi, Matilde Durso
Photographer: Simone Ruiz
Stylist: Alessandro Scifo
Brand: Red Valentino, Marco De Vicenzo 
Location: Studio Andrea Guardo 
Communication Assistant: Giulia Arcidiacono
Assistant: Martina Giuffrida
Hair-MUA concept: @g.p.image_consultant
Editorialist: Giuditta Avellina
Communication team: Industria01 

It sounds good with: New Born - The Muse