The stories of two women intertwine and play with each other in an instant, sudden, very strong encounter/clash.

Saint Laurent outerwear with a clear animal-like appeal cover the perfect outfit for a walk outside the border with instant seduction. A brave captain wrapped up in her Saint Laurent jacket, sporting suit with pirate references.
Tells of adventures that land from the sea land, stamping every single imprint with the boots.

The promised land is there, a short distance away, on the mainland in an array of sublime perfection. Dancing a slow approach to the shore, walking regal on vertiginous sandals by Saint Laurent, hyper stretch pants and a blouse of opulent beauty, shimmering with life. Of the desire for discovery, an unexpected night in which inevitably crashing.


Model: Nicol Angelozzi
Photographer: Simone Ruiz
Stylist: Alessandro Scifo
Location:Società Incremento Ippico – Catania
Communication Assistant: Giulia Arcidiacono
Assistant: Martina Giuffrida
Hair-MUA concept: @g.p.image_consultant
Editorialist: Giuditta Avellina
Communication team: Industria01 

It sounds good with: Daft Punk - Instant Crush ft. Julian Casablancas