For the Gucci Fall Winter advertising campaign, Glen Luchford chose a setting that became a place of worship and a pilgrimage destination: a delightful fish&chips shop where the photographer took the Men's Tailoring. The protagonist of the video is Harry Styles and this has naturally helped to increase the hype on the video. On the other hand, for three years now, thanks to the supervision of Alessandro Michele who oversaw the project, many unforgettable campaigns have been published, which have paid homage to the world of art, music and colors. And this campaign for the autumn winter 2018/2019 is not naturally less.

"My job is to create new possibilities," explained the creative director in the backstage of the Fall Winter 2018/2019 fashion show. "We are all hybrids, and we have to take care of it, we need to do it on a daily basis." Using a metaphor of creating intended as a poetic act, just Michele wanted to combine his professionalism with that of a surgeon, busy as they are both cutting and mending and giving new life and life to styles and fabrics.In general, within the campaign, there seem to be some strong references to the world of the passions and the strangest human obsessions, avoiding, however, to propose the severed heads or the dragon cubs that appeared during the fashion show.In general, however, the campaign was inspired by "those eccentric characters with passion to search for paintings, antiques, rare pieces and other vintage items to collect".

High particularity of the Gucci campaign by Glen Luchford is that each shot hosts a different collection and is set in a different room, almost as if to symbolize the multiplicity of creativity, ways of being and expression. And the world that comes out, which is offered to the viewer is absolutely varied, full of imagination, details, things to observe and admire: so you can find collectors of teddy bears and collectors of butterflies, who loves to collect pottery bought in the markets and who does not give up choosing a vintage piece. In short, that of Gucci is a campaign that, without too many hesitations, wants to celebrate the strangeness of each individual.

Campaign Credits:

Creative Director Alessandro Michele
Artistic Director Christopher Simmonds
Photography and Direction Glen Luchford
Hair Stylist Paul Hanlon
Make-up Artist Yadim Carranza