Backpack: The accessory that makes the difference

The season diktat is: “daring”. For this reason the men's collection also includes light colors and bold floral applications.

Details that will not let you go unnoticed. And that will add practicality to your days: do you want to have the convenience of always having anything you want without filling the pockets of your dresser or jeans? Plus, the backpack has a more touch on every look, thanks to the ability to be more than an accessory: the backpack is rather the right complement to any size.

For example, the backpack Valentino Garavani Camunoir is ideal for those who do not want to give up a touch of sober whimsicality: ideal for a clothing in total jeans or to match with a gritty military parka.

And if you prefer the more classic camouflage from the military green color, just choose the proposal of Moncler at Portèr: a must have that will please everyone, for its timeless style and for the practicality of the dimensions associated with a good capacity.

The Backpack Y-3 small size Qrush is suitable for those who prefer the simplest look and does not need to bring many things with them: the small size of the bag make it suitable for those who want to have always handy wallets and smartphones.

If, instead, you prefer to dare more, just point straight to a Gucci backpack. In particular we chose this Gucci angry cat backpack where the logo texture of the surface makes from perfect frame to the angry cat that adds a touch of ironic color even to the most serious looks.