11 gennaio 2018


Pink is no longer a color forbidden to men, but rather has increasingly become a genderless shade.

From fuchsia to pastel, pink is synonymous with a romantic dandy, a stylish trend setter, a sporty and bold personality.

If until a few years ago this color was considered almost a taboo for alpha man, today it is no longer considered as the negation of testosterone.

But the rose, in reality, has not always been identifying the female gender. Among the historical precedents, for example, how can we forget the outfits of The Great Gatsby? Jay wore a pink suit and was strongly criticized by Tom Buchanan, her lover's husband. In fact, with criticisms that more affected his ostentatious dandyism than his dubious virility.

In addition, in the twenties, pink was the color of working class and, going even further back in time, in the eighteenth century it was true men wearing pink dresses with gaudy embroidery. Suffice it to think that the rose, for a certain period of time, was considered almost a softer shade of military red.

And then, as not to mention in the literary traces, the episode of "Little Women" in which Amy gave her sister's twins two bows? He gave a rose for the girl, a blue for the boy, thus marking a clearer difference in gender. Today, almost completely surpassed as the fashion runways confirm.


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