1. THE LAUNCH VIDEO. The video of this edition is decidedly hypnotic. Movimentatissima lines, which flow, overlap, sway. P.O.P Pitti Optical Power is, as promised by the organization "a visual and virtual feast that stimulates new horizons of the perception and perspective of things". New ideas and prerogatives for each passing season, which present ever new, contemporary presences. To ban the black and white, therefore, to make room for a vibrant theme and full color in which everything is hypnotic and super playful. Starting from the design conceived and curated by the life-styler Sergio Colantuoni. Ultimately, a digital art project by Pitti Uomo in which directing and motion graphics are in complete balance and osmosis on the notes of Elettropop.

2. GUCCI AND A BRAND NEW PROJECT. That of Tuesday, June 12, undoubtedly, in which Gucci celelebra the opening of two new rooms of the Gallery, inside the Gucci Garden - created by the Creative Director of the Maison Alessandro Michele - in the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia in Piazza della Signoria in Florence. That will also be a precious moment when the fashion house will present a special line with some unmissable artistic illustrations.

3. PHILIPPE MODEL BETWEEN ITALY AND PARIS. Philippe Model Paris chooses the event to present at international level the new running project of the brand through an exclusive installation in Fortezza. A real mix of creativity, Italian craftsmanship and of course the whole Parisian class.

4. A HOMAGE TO THE MALE CONTEMPORARY CLASSIC. In the Central Pavilion it will be possible to admire the evolution of menswear and the influences that fashion has given to design and vice versa. More floors where sartorial research will be reinterpreted in a contemporary way, will be presented the most known and independent collections and the spotlight on the male wardrobe will be turned on.

5. A PROJECT BETWEEN FASHION AND SOCCER. FANATIC FEELINGS - Fashion Plays Football, an exhibition curated by Markus Ebner, founder of the German fashion magazines Achtung Mode and Sepp Football Fashion and contemporary art critic Francesco Bonami will tell the attraction that football exerts on fashion. And - with an ad hoc theme for the next world cup in Russia - will launch ideas for reflection on how these two worlds, together, are able to better structure the male imagery, between tailoring and sportswear and be incredibly and sociologically current.

Credits P.O.P Pitti Optical Power
Creative concept and production: Lateral Creative Hub
Motion Graphics: Ditroit
Directed by: Diego Diaz
Music: Alessandro Branca for Human Touch Music