Five good reasons to come on holiday (and love) Ortigia

6 agosto 2018

Five good reasons to come on holiday (and love) Ortigia

Summer in Sicily is wonderful. It is no coincidence that so many VIPs have chosen the star system: just think of Beyoncè and Will Smth, for example.

And an exceptional place, as well as a growing reputation, deserves Ortigia. The heart of Syracuse is of an amazing beauty: the white of the stone, the promenade, the narrow cobbled streets, the flowered balconies and the ronchi are ideal locations for a photo shoot, a film walk, a bike ride or to fill the Instagram of memorable shots. But what makes Ortigia so special? We give you at least five good reasons to fall madly in love with it.


An historic luxury fashion project in Sicily, a reality that has existed since 2006 and which, thanks to professionalism and experience in the world of fashion and luxury, selects the best trends in the fashion field. Contemporaneity and research of the brands that animate our boutique, chosen daily by customers who love refined styles. Most well-known and research brands that are presented to the final consumer by our competent staff: a team that, in fact, guarantees constant sales support and utmost exhaustiveness in presenting the 360 ​​° peculiarities of each fashion reality, brands that, by offering key values to the consumer who will wear them, convey an attitude, a style experience to live and exhibit, tailor-made. This is why our research is aimed not only at Italian and international realities that, more and more, over the years have been synonymous with quality and trend. But also to those niches that satisfy our desire - and that of our customers - to buy clothes and accessories for men and women that have high standards in the fashion industry. Among our brands: Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Balenciaga, Moncler, and Off-White and the proposals for the best looks to wear and live. Come and visit us in Largo XXV Luglio, 8 - Ortigia.


From sunrise to sunset enjoy Ortigia is witnessing wonderful shows. A jump to the Piazzetta degli Innamorati above the Fonte Aretusa and a breathtaking view of the seven rocks of Syracuse in front of him. Beautifully crystalline waters at Plemmirio: all the passages are very suggestive. Particularly the passage that leads to the magnificent beach of Pillirina. Not to be missed, then, a jump to the Arenella where you can enjoy the beauty of the golden beaches, from sunrise to sunset.


There have been many, wonderful. There will still be many, even more incredible. A few days from OSS Ortigia Sound System Festival 2018 in which it was a riot of vernissage, boat party and lots of good music, there will still be many exclusive parties organized by fashion-system characters. The city vibrates with concerts, art and culture events, exclusive cocktails and evenings at the seaside and there is still plenty of experience to live in the city.


Unmissable is a jump to the city market, between the screams of fishermen and traders, spices, fish, fruit, stalls. Colors, sounds, delicate and more intense aromas, before a boat ride and a poivy, to a bathroom of art, architecture, wonder. In the center of Piazza Duomo at the Fonte Aretusa, from the Maniace Castle to the Archaeological Park of Neapolis and then go as far as the wonderful Greek Theater and the centuries of history that resonate in every cave, every corner, every step.


The flavors of the sea are those of fresh fish to be enjoyed in a terrace overlooking the sea or those of a delicious first, enriched with chunks of sword, mint and lemon zest. But how to neglect the goodness and the aromas of the best Sicilian sweets? The pistachio pastries, the typical lemon frost, the delicious Avola almonds, the granite. The aromas of the earth are those sweet and vibrant tomatoes Pachino, but the triumph and an inevitable toast with the red wine Nero D'Avola, to sip in delicious wine bars in the city center.

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