But above all the designer is known for the Comme des Garcons Shirts, which mix bright colors with references to art.

And, in the latest collection, they even wink at the world of esotericism. A concrete answer from the designer to those who think that the shirts are now an excessively inflated garment. And the last show is an artistic tribute to the paintings present during the show, which seemed to be one with the show: Jean-Michel Basquiat - Untitled, Cabeza and Ernok among them.

Integrated in a landscape, in a visual situation, made of cascades of dots, stripes and an endless series of outerwear, T-shirts, exaggerated looks, roaring, overflowing. A clear metaphor: that of a world that contains other dozens of worlds within it. And a brand that is going through a golden age: sales have increased by 30% (only the New York store has registered an increase of 50%).

On the other hand, fascinating is the stylist's personality: a woman who loves to fill the space and empty it. "Emptiness is important" he says. This is evidenced by simple drawings, often in gray and black, that impress on fabrics. It is the materials that, rather than refine, prefer to leave rough.

Kawakubo has always been linked to the fashion world: born in Tokyo in 1973, she studied textiles and worked as a freelance designer, exploring the thousand potentialities of style. For this spring, among the many experiments, the attempt to launch even evening dresses. With that touch of extra speciality: "I want something that can be crumpled in one's day bag and then recovered and worn at night, without the support of any trick".