Chapeaux, Maison Michel

3 agosto 2018

Chapeaux, Maison Michel

Maison Michel is synonymous with hats. Hats we could define the Renaissance of headgear and that are able to leave their mark."

"I think it is better to do one thing and do it well, rather than experimenting with many different ideas and products, having no idea how to do it" says Laetitia Crahay, creative director of the Parisian house. "Most of them produce different items for commercial reasons, but I have no intention of ingabbiar fil brand within stereotypes or tie it with chains".

But what is the story of Maison Michel? Founded in 1936 by August Michel, it was the same that gained fame and notoriety by working for major fashion houses including Dior or Christian Lacroix. His aesthetic taste, inspiration, the study of perfect equilibrium, immediately made him very successful. The two turning points were almost certainly two: the first in 1996, when Chanel bought the house for his Métiers d'Art group.

The second in 2006 when Karl Lagerfeld entrusted the creative direction to Ms. Crahay, head of accessories in the Chanel maison. The same opted for the use of traditional materials, but in a really creative way. Going to revisit and reinterpret the classic vision of the hat. For this reason, from the hats, flowers, flakes and pearls began to blossom, which have constituted and still today constitute that essential touch of elegant eccentricity of the brand.

In short, classic lines but with large volumes, super extravagant. Elements that, today, are guaranteed by the vision and daring of Laetitia Crahay, well known in Paris and in the world for her being so incredibly cool. Get ready to discover our Maison Michel proposals, therefore.

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