12 gennaio 2018


Castañer by Manolo shoes are simply beautiful. More than heels, espadrilles or more than espadrilles, heels?

It matters little. What counts is that these shoes will seduce women who want to wear them at all costs and men who will let themselves be inebriated by their voluptuousness.

They will be - we suspect - a real object of desire, accessibile, for the coming season: sexy shoes and at the same time easy-to-wear.

On the other hand, the Catalan footwear brand Castañer is celebrating its 90th anniversary with partnerships with top-level designers and brands.

Like, in fact, the Castañer by Manolo, which will be among our next arrivals. We can not wait to offer them.

Why? Because they are the union between the craftsmanship and the creative inspiration of two great fashion artists. A special partnership between the maison of the espadrilles and the master - Londoner, but Iberian by adoption - to celebrate the company's 90th anniversary. A union celebrated with two special lines - one day and one night - to dedicate a passionate anode to the multiform femininity: the capsule collection, in fact, consists of two different lines, "Manolo by Day" and "Manolo by Night", which include 3 models available in 6 different colors.

So, as Castañer explains, his flat espadrille has a sharpened front part and the wedge turns into the typical thin heel of Blahník. All this, in two different heights, designed to achieve a "balanced, original and simply perfect" result. And then, icing on the cake, the characteristic lacing ankle and the use of jute to close the symphony made shoe.

And if the bright colors distinguish the Manolo by Day, combining the jute in its natural tone, applied to the heel, the structure and the sole, with the linen fabric and the lanyard, in the models of the Manolo by Night line are the satin and the designs ruby red, mink, black onyx, sapphire, toffee and emerald make the difference.
According to the Spanish company, "this collaboration can not better express our Mediterranean character, our creative and stylistic richness and our aspiration to invent timeless classics that embody authenticity and contemporary luxury".



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