The blouses, the sweatshirt, the Issey Miyake dress look like a game of origami on cloth: they grow, they widen, they resize themselves, they become big, until they turn towards new balances.

She put that accompany the change, through the movement. Just a floating arm, a leg that makes a pirouette and everything becomes multi-faceted: the clothes acquire new forms that adapt to the bodies, which cover in a different way.

They are the heroines of the night to modulate this contemporary armor, shield and armor of the next ideal fight with their lover and antagonist. Young water lilies and condottiere who tirelessly prepare for the challenge in an ideal spiritual city that unites spirituality and revenge: in the Pacific Ocean one of the subtropical beaches of Kyushu or Tokyo, between skyscrapers and pop culture. The night comes, things will happen when the time comes. Your man's tireless wait is easy when you're famous in Japan.


Model: Nicol Angelozzi
Photographer: Simone Ruiz
Stylist: Alessandro Scifo
Brand: Issey Miyake
Location: Papini Studios
Communication Assistant: Giulia Arcidiacono
Assistant: Martina Giuffrida 
Hair-MUA concept: @g.p.image_consultant
Editorialist: Giuditta Avellina
Communication team: Industria01 

It sounds good with: Big in Japan – Alphaville