Beyoncé style queen on Vogue America

10 agosto 2018

Beyoncé style queen on Vogue America

Beyoncé on the September cover of Vogue America once again confirms to be the queen of pop music.

The September issue of Vogue is always and certainly the most important issue of the year and will be made even more valuable by the interview to the popstar. The twenty-three-year-old Tyler Mitchell, the photographer who was the same Beyoncè to choose and who came out as the first African American photographer to shoot for the glossy magazine, took the picture.

The cover story consists of 2 covers and 10 shots in which Bey wears Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. The set was conceived and designed by David Tyler James in the English countryside. There are vintage touches here and there: wallpaper, golden drapery, laundry in the garden. And she, who has the appearance of a goddess, in particular in the iconic shot in which she wears a custom floral headpiece, made by Phil John Perry for Rebel Rebel with a Gucci resort dress 2019. The photo is taken he sees immortalized in front of a white sheet and a dress with an ivory-colored neckline worth $ 14k, reminiscent of a contemporary Marie Antoinette.

Among the confessions of the pop star released to Vogue America there is also the risking of death while he was giving birth to the twins I'm almost dead to give birth to Rumi and Sir, 13 months ago. I suffered from hypertension due to pregnancy and I saw my body swell up to almost 100 kg. For a month I stayed in bed ... "And then, space for nostalgia and memories:" I look at the woman I was when I was twenty, "says the star on the sidelines of the photos that reruns on his social media channel Instagram" and I see a young woman becoming confident, but intent on satisfying all those around her. "And then she describes her growth and her progressive acceptance of her physicality:" Now I feel much more beautiful, much more sexy, much more interesting and much more powerful".

Then Beyoncè also returns to the question of her husband Jay-Z's infidelity, making it clear how much this is now a very closed question and how much her family past has affected her conception of men. Today Beyoncè and Jay-z, veterans also from a very successful tour together and from a summer getaway that has also touched Sicily, tells of the new self and the renewed love for her husband, partner, father and man who has chosen to return to appreciate . A queen in music and, as can be seen in the Vogue America cover of September 2018, also in style.

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