8 settembre 2017


The one and only fashion designer Alexander McQueen inspire a new 90s and american tv show.

The fashion book Champagne Supernova, written in 2014 by the Brooklyn based journalist Maureen Callahan - who has worked for Vanity Fair, New York Magazine and MTV - is, in fact, the base of the new television series.

The series will narrate the stories of the fashion icons like Alexander McQueen, the super model Kate Moss, the designer Marc Jacobs and much more, during the fabulous 90’s.

We don’t know when there will be the official release of it, but we certainly know that the 90’s era inspired and keep inspiring many books, exhibitions and movies.

For example, three movies on the fashion icon and legend Alexander McQueen are on the way.

Alexander McQueen, the British fashion designer, worked even for the Italian designer Romeo Gigli in Milan, before creating his brand. After completing his Fashion Design studies at Central Saint Martins in London, he worked for the French Haute Couture House Givenchy and Gucci.

He soon became famous all over the world, and award winning, rewarded even by the English Queen with the Most Excellent Commander of the British Empire.

His collections were always full of contrast: tradition ft. modernity, fluidity ft. austerity, and fragility ft. strengh and courage.

The great designer died at 41 because of suicide, after the death of his beloved mother.

The executive producer of the tv series, Ben Shields Catlin, said: “Our goal is to ultimately bring the real narrative of the iconic '90s New York fashion era that reinvented the industry to the audience, and we will do a great job of telling it. As we are aggressively developing, producing and financing film and TV projects, Champagne Supernova will be the first of many to come”.

The television series will illustrate all the gossip and stories that characterised the world of fashion during the 90’s, together with his “dark” side, like alcohol, naked parties and of course drugs.

There’s intent to elevate all of this, into some “holy” status. We can’t forget for sure how glamorous and sexy was the fashion universe during the ‘90s, full of revolutions. How fascinating!

Behind-the-scenes, mysterious stories, and obscure beginnings will be offered to us, that’s why we are looking forward to watching it.

We’ll keep you updated, for sure. Just stay tuned for more.

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