For women, instead, garments are presented in which the play is between volumes and shapes, with the use of technical fabrics such as nylon laqué and printed crêpe de chine.

The menswear collection 2 Moncler 1952

In short, a style that is more contemporary than that, which is well suited to an eccentric, ironic man, capable of playing with style without taking himself too seriously. This is the reason why in the men's clothing, appear prints with stars and letters to compose the word Moncler and are evident artistic cues, whose merit goes to the artist Hey Riley. The proposals are a real kaleidoscope: jackets with zip, parkas, track pants next to bermudas in cotton or nylon. And next to the variety of styles, the proposal of geometries, the vivacity of the colors, which are altered to neutral tones, the visibility that contrasts the most classic colors. And then, thanks to the zippered pockets, the possibility to fold the garments in a functional way and, like, finally, the mega logos and, often, super padded collars.

The 2 Moncler 1952 women's collection

From blousons to pleated skirts, from parkas to sweaters, the 2 Moncler 1952 women's collection revisits the classics of the past and makes them contemporary. In this way everything is full of volumes, shapes and textures that are well suited to the inspirations of every woman. To enrich this range of proposals, the use of precious technical materials such as printed crepe de chine or nylon laquè, which give more personality to each outfit. The resulting proposal is a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, as if the laces present in many of the items allow to adjust the volumes, the prints increase its beauty, desirability, eccentricity, color (next to shades more neutral, in fact, appear very brilliant brushstrokes of vibrant colors).

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